Saturday, May 24, 2008


London Calling:

How to get around:

The Big Bus Company
How to buy tickets:
-On the bus at any Big Bus departure point
-From any uniformed Big Bus staff
-hotel concierge
You can also purchase tickets to: Madame Tussauds, Tower of London, Kensington Palace and St. Paul's Cathedral through the Big Bus Company.

Save 2 pounds if you buy tickets online.
Adults: 20 pounds (approx)
Child: 10-12 pounds (approx)

This is a great way to get around the city. It's simple and you get a great view of the city from the top of the bus. They have stops at all of the main tourist attractions. You pick which sites you want to see. You just go back to the pick up spot and wait for the next bus when you are done.

London Underground
If you have more time, travel like the locals and ride the tube! Mind the Gap!

Things to Do:

London Theatre

Madame Tussauds
Not your typical wax museum. You can actually touch these ones. You can pose with your favorite stars and take tons of fun pictures. Have "dinner" with George Clooney. Give Prince William a hug. Very fun. Try not to spend all day here!

12 pounds (approx)

Me and Wills. What? I just ran into him at Kensington. ;-)
BTW, I'm not short, he's just freakishly tall!

London Eye
Adults 15.50 pounds
Children 7.75 pounds
Children under 5 FREE

Tower of London
Adults 16.50 pounds
Children 9.50 pounds
The Tower of London was a place of execution between 1388 and 1747. Over 130 men and women were killed by beheading. This type of death was reserved for members of nobility. It was an honorable death, unlike hanging.

Must see the Crowned Jewels! Collection of crowns, sceptres, orbs, swords, rings, armill and royal robes used during the coronation ceremonies and at other state functions.

FYI, this is not the "London Bridge". However, if you are going to pick a bridge to see in London, this is the one!

Kensington Palace
Kensington Palace has been a royal residence since the 17th century. Until 1997, it was the official residence of Diana, Princess of Wales. Prince William and cousin, Zara Phillips on an unofficial basis.
Currently, the Palace hosts an exhibition, "Diana, Princess of Wales" by Mario Testino, which is open to the public.

Buckingham Palace
Official residence of Britain's sovereigns.

Westminster Abbey

Trafalger Square

Picadilly Circus

The Times Square of London!


New Bond Street- Upscale shopping


Covent Garden-

Camden Market- A must see! Huge open air markets. Get everthing from records, clothes, crafts, goods, food, etc. An interesting mix of people. Expect to see mohawks, platform boots, piercings and funky clothes!

Abbey Road! A suprisingly busy street. This was a very hard picture to coordinate!

Platform 9 3/4. It does exist!!!! If you go to King's Cross Underground Station, you will find this in between platforms 9 and 10. You can ask an employee for directions. (kind of embarassing but totally funny! ha ha.)

My Travel Video Log (VLOG)

Movies to See:
The Holiday
Notting Hill
Bridget Jones
Love Actually

**If you are feeling adventurous, there are a ton of Bed & Breakfasts available where you can rent a room. I've stayed in a cottage in Notting Hill/Holland Park. It was a little bit out of the way but it was sooo worth it. It was a great experience to stay at a real house. I had my own bathroom and bedroom and I even got a continental breakfast each morning. A tip in finding a good Bed & Breakfast is to make sure it is within a short walking distance to an underground station or taxi service. Trust me on this one!!!

**When you are traveling via the tube (underground, subway, etc) late at night, be aware that some lines close after a certain time. So your stop may not be available. You may have to taxi it or learn how to navigate the night buses!

**Tube passes can be purchased at most major underground stations. You can use cash or credit card. They have day passes, but if you know you will be there for more than a day, the better deals are the multi day passes.