Saturday, September 4, 2010

2010 Emmy's (The Set Up)

Last week, LA LIVE was buzzing. They completely transformed Nokia Plaza at LA LIVE into a Red Carpet Media Zone. It was quite the transformation. Complete with the filming of the 2010 Emmy's opening sketch outside on our campus. I saw our employee entrance and our building in the actual opening sketch so that was kind of cool. Not to mention, I saw our lamp posts which are from the movie Chronicles of Narnia. There's a little bit of movie trivia for you. See if you can spot them in the video of the opening sketch or if you are in the LA LIVE area. :-)

I didn't get to work on Emmy Sunday, but I did get a few pictures of the Emmy set up through out the week. It was interesting to see everything take it's place.

Enjoy the pictures!

Setting up for the filming of the opening act.

Red Carpet entrance is starting to take form.

Setting up the press stations along the red carpet.

More press areas. Check out the AC vents! Gotta stay cool.

Filming the opening act. See Jimmy Fallon in the white shirt with the dry cleaning. Didn't actually notice it was him until someone told me later. I looked at my picture and saw that it WAS him. haha. I'm so observant....

Setting up for E! News and Entertainment Tonight!

It's getting there.

Until next time...