Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grease (the Sing-A-Long)!!

Something to do in the LA Area...

Stayed in LA after work today and went to see Grease (the sing-a-long version) in the theatre!! Soooo much fun! They have added the lyrics at the bottom of the screen so everyone can sing-a-long with the movie. And boy did they ever! Everyone was singing and dancing in their seats.

It was a walk down memory lane. Seeing as I was obsessed with that movie back in the day. As was most of my generation. Everyone was really into it which made it a fun experience. And I'm not gonna lie...I heard lots of guys singing too. Seriously!

I hope it is playing in your city. If it is, go see it!! Totally worth it. Check out the website below.

Monday, July 5, 2010


So this post is a little late. Thought you might enjoy it anyway! Remember a few weeks ago, during the whole Laker win rioting/parade week fiasco that was going on in Los Angeles? Yes, that was right where I work. Luckily I have a paid parking pass so I didn't have to pay the $40 fee they were charging for what they normally charge $4! I also left right on time after work to avoid as much of the traffic and chaos that I could. The place I work actually locked their doors during the game so that the festivities would not move in there.

Anyhoo.... on Laker parade Monday on my walk from the parking structure to my work, I had to dodge purple and gold decked out excited people from every direction. I'm happy they were able to celebrate this time in a happy in a non rioty and (some what) safe way. :-) Then I saw tents. People camped out for this?? I'm confused. Nope. It was actually people camping out for the Twilight red carpet/premiere. Which is what I found out later from some colleagues. But wait. The premiere is not until Thursday. And it's Monday. What??? They will be here camping all week! And so the nickname TwiHards truly fits.

It was an interesting few days to say the least. Of course the media was there all week. Last week was quite boring after the few weeks of Lakers and Twilight premieres. Oh wait. We just had the Anime Expo. Think costumes. And lots of them. I sooo wish I had pictures of that one. Always an exciting time at LA LIVE!! Allas....I did sneak a few pictures of the TwiHards and their campsite. Right in the Nokia Plaza in LA LIVE. Enjoy. :-)

Team Jacob!!!

New Camera and Laguna Beach

Just got a sweet new camera! A Canon Rebel XOS. Sooo excited! I've used it twice now and it's pretty fun. First time was a "photoshoot" with my Goddaughter. This time I headed down to Laguna Beach. Got a few nice pics. Next time I need to find a spot where I can see the sun set on the water. I had a cliff/house in my way! haha.

Laguna Beach main beach was very crowded being that it is 4th of July weekend. I did not want tons of people in my pictures so I chose to keep driving south. There are many spots where you can just park on the street and walk down lots of stairs and get Beach access.

The area I found was a tide pool area. it was pretty rough water. I can imagine how big the waves can get there.

I only got a little wet while taking these pics. :-) FYI sand and wet jeans are not a good feeling.


Happy 4th of July Weekend Travel kids!!

Music on my Zune for a good car ride along the coast-
Courtyard Hounds