Saturday, April 25, 2009

New trip on the Horizon?!

Good news Travel Peeps!!!!

There may be a new trip coming soon! I'm so excited. I don't want to talk about it until the plane tickets have been purchased. Don't want to jinx it. ha ha.
Oh hey....I just gave you a hint. It's far enough for me to fly!

Where am I going? Hopefully I will be able to confirm soon and I'll definitely let you know if it's a go.

Happy Saturday Travel Bugs! Enjoy your weekend!

In the mean time.....New Garden Pics:

My bell pepper gets a "home" makeover!

The whole gang.

One more thing before I go.

In honor of Earth Day, which was on April 22, my friends and I went to see the new Disney movie Earth. The deal was that Disney will plant a tree for every ticket sold during the movie's first week. So of course we went! The movie was great. It basically follows 3 families during a year. Polar Bear, Whale and Elephant families. However, the movie is not just about those 3 sets of animals. The cinematography was amazing. And of course it's Disney, so it's family friendly. I definitely recommend it! If you are interested in seeing it...go before April 28!! Lets get some trees planted!!!

Go Green!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Credit Cards, Trips, Birthdays and Plants!

It's been a while! I've been keeping it low key. Paying off credit card bills and other bills. Also got my tax money (woo hoo!) which of course went mainly to pay off bills. Now that the bills are paid, I can focus on saving again. Saving for a trip maybe??? That's my intention!
This year I am focusing on getting organized. Organizing my finances, organizing my house, organizing my get the picture. I figure the more organized and "in control" I am, the more at peace I will be. Which will make me happier and more accomplished. So far so good! I'm very proud of myself for getting my finances organized. Yes, I've had no life, but I have paid off the bills which will now allow me to save for a rainy day and a trip or two. And possibly some condo renovations. I'm all about HGTV at this point. Sabrina Soto is my new favorite person. She has her own show on HGTV and guest stars on lots of others. (including the HGTV Green Home special.) I love that she is like Miss Fix-it. She knows all of the little house hold tricks and she does everything on a budget! I want to be like her. ;-)

I'm starting to get the travel bug again. I'm thinking about taking a small extended weekend trip again like my Nashville trip last year. Hmmmm where to go..... Maybe Chicago? or North Carolina? or Boston? Maybe sometime in the next few months. My birthday is coming up and I would LOVE to take a small trip. It's the big (get ready for it...) 3-0!!!! Noooooo!!!! I can't believe i'm almost 20-10! (aka 30!) Gosh. I definitely deserve a vacation for that. :-)

Since I haven't taken any trips, I thought I'd share a few pics from my "garden". The plants are actually on my front ledge since my back balcony doesn't get very much direct light. I am growing two sets of tomatoes and bell peppers! I love my plants and am super excited for them to start producing some yummy fruits/veggies.
My first baby bell pepper!!!
Here he is up close.
My Asian Lily.
One of my Tomato plants.
My other tomato plant. Where ever there is a yellow flower, there will be a tomato!

My baby bell pepper is getting so big! A recent picture of him. With a few baby ones.

Sorry this post has been so random. I promise to have more "real" travel posts soon. :-)
Happy bugs!