Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nashville on a Whim....

On a brief moment of insanity… roommate and I bought round trip tickets to Nashville. For next Friday. Tickets were cheap and it’s Labor Day weekend. Now we are not actually allowed to take time off work together (by the way, we work together). However, the only time off we need to take is ½ day on Friday. Our flight leaves at 2pm out of Santa Ana airport which is 10 minutes from our work. We even have a shuttle that will take us there. So, it kind of works out perfect. Now, I just have to get the guts to break it to our manager. She is also out sick today… maybe I’ll get the guts tomorrow. I mean it is a holiday weekend, so no one should be working Friday afternoon anyways. Right??

So why Nashville? I heard it’s got amazing night life, music scene and it’s clean. It’s also supposed to be really beautiful. So, I’m super excited. Also, while researching Nashville, I found a house that I want. Seriously. It’s a 4 bedroom house with a living room, family room, bonus room, dining room, in-kitchen dining room, etc. It’s gorgeous and almost $100,000 cheaper than the 2 bedroom condo I am currently residing in. How depressing is that???

In conclusion…..I’m going to check out the city (heat and all), to see if it’s got potential to be my next “home town”!

Any suggestions of what is a must see on my 3 day stay in Nashville?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New trip coming soon!

OMG....So after more than a year of "no big trips", I finally have a new trip planned. Going to New England in October, 2008.

Long Beach to NYC
NYC for the night
Rent Car
NYC to Mystic, Connecticut (2 nights)
Connecticut to Providence, Rhode Island (2 nights)
Rhode Island to Brunswick, Maine (1 night)
Maine to Boston, Massachusetts (2 nights)
Boston to Long Beach

Out of all of those states, I've only been to NYC. Any suggestions on places to go while we are in any of these wonderful cities??