Saturday, December 18, 2010

How LA LIVE does Christmas....

The Campus is currently decked out with a tiny ice skating rink, lots of wintery Christmas lights, a lit up metal tree and tons of (sponsered) decorations. :-)

I believe it's $10 to ice skate if you are interested.

The pictures are not very good. I was in a hurry and using my cell phone. Maybe I'll try to get a better one soon.

Stop by and visit some time...

Did you hear that they are thinking about tearing down part of the convention center (which is connected to LA LIVE) and building a football stadium? I can not even imagine. If the traffic is bad now...oh gosh. You already have UCI near by and LA LIVE, Nokia Theatre & Staples Center all right there. We'll see what happens. The good thing is that slowly LA is being cleaned up. 1 block at a time. Hopefully it gets better and better.

Happy Holidays!!

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